Comprehensive Rating


Rating complexity, made seamless

Rating, routing and billing are at the core of your interconnect business. The ability to rate a variety of disparate business events, intelligently, is a foundational requirement and the core strength of our solution platform. Scalable both vertically to meet your exponentially increasing volumes and horizontally to enable integration of new products or services, our rating engine is more than capable of cost effectively meeting your business needs. The valuable results of our comprehensive rating solution is then seamlessly leveraged as a single accurate source of information into our fraud, analytics, routing, billing and trading solutions - eliminating both cost and complexity from traditional silo-based or disparate integrated solutions.

iXLink, our neutral information exchange platform, transforms your origin rate handling business by automating the entire process, from price list management and upload, to rating, routing, and billing.

  • Price List Management:
    Securely manage buying and selling price lists, rated uniquely by carrier specific rules and number plans
  • Contract Management:
    Time- and volume-based structures designed to flexibly manage an extensive variety of the complex Tier 1 carrier-to-carrier agreements
  • Deal Management:
    A hybrid solution enabling bundling of various products to achieve overall carrier partner mutual trading goals without firm commitments
  • Rating:
    Events are guided to specific rules for each carrier partner’s product and services delivered, with rating based on origin and destination, portability corrected numbers, and a variety of additional capabilities for rounding, surcharges and more.

Origin-based rating, routing and billing

Buy and sell domestic and international voice with greater efficiency.

A# Data Sheet

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Fraud & Analytics


Reduce risk and improve call quality through greater business analytics

On-the-spot, transparent views of fraud risk, service quality and reliability. We know what it takes to be in control of factors that can be malicious, unseen or degrading to your business.

We surface the critical information you need to identify and curb fraud, monitor the quality of your network and routes, and give you the transparency you need to make informed business decisions. We are your business intelligence control center, exposing potential fraud, and championing network quality.

Reducing Fraud

Fraud management is all about early detection, fast blocking and creating a safe perimeter, but it requires constant vigilance. We take a multi-pronged strategy to combatting fraud at every level to ensure offenders are stopped in their tracks. The fraud engine provides identification and weighting of multiple fraud types based on user-defined rules, thresholds and pattern detection.

Fraud types targeted:

  • Abuse Fraud based on A#, B# and A#/B#
  • FAS Answer Supervision
  • Private Branch Exchange (PBX) hacking
  • Call back (Wangiri)
  • Arbitrage/Tromboning
  • International Simple Resale (IRSF)
  • Long Firm Fraud

Ensuring Call Quality

We are your guardians of traffic quality, collecting performance data off the network, and providing a near real-time picture of voice service quality.

Locking down fraud

With every element of our lives potentially subject to fraud, and technology constantly being tested for weaknesses, you need integrated fraud management. Identify, monitor and take proactive or immediate remedial action to reduce the risk to your business.

Fraud Data Sheet

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Billing & Settlements


Interconnect billing and settlement, assured

Imagine if your billing, settlement and dispute management processes were smooth, rapid and faultless.

Telarix iXLink®, our neutral information exchange platform, drives certainty by automatically validating data on receipt and normalizing it, systematically reducing human errors literally every billing cycle. Our automated process identifies the exceptions immediately, automates the majority, resulting in driving effective utilization of human resources while maximizing cash flow.

Rapid dispute management

When data is clean, discrepancies are proactively minimized before they hit the billing stream. Conversely, when there is a dispute, we provide easy access to the data required to substantiate your case.

Advanced features and benefits of our billing and settlement solution include:

  • Integration with our rating solution, including full support of origin-based products
  • Delivers accelerated billing cycles, improving cash flow by days
  • Flexible formatting and rapid invoice generation and distribution with delivery tracking
  • Automated Invoice reconciliation and dispute handling with optional CDR reconciliation
  • Multi-currency and multi-company capabilities
  • Combined invoices with multiple services included on a single bill
  • Manage recurring and non-recurring charges with ease
  • Full support for post-cycle re-rates and adjustments with critical for-error correction and handling of retro-active contract amendments.

Optimizing your interconnect business

Automate | optimize | validate your interconnect billing and settlement process.

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Intelligent Routing


Advanced routing intelligence, by design

Where’s your traffic going, and how much will it cost? We know you need to manage partner relations, maximize network capacity, quality and margin over many types of service, ensuring that you secure the best route.

Our routing solution uses patented algorithms to automatically incorporate all essential variables, calculate, optimize and deliver the best possible route, every time:

  • Historical analysis of traffic patterns to predict and account for QoS and capacity problems
  • Optimizes fulfillment of volume commitments associated with bilateral and swap deals
  • Benchmark definition supporting lossless routing and acceptable quality thresholds
  • Prioritize higher revenue routes for the best QoS, while also offering less costly alternatives
  • Precise global dial-code numbering management, eliminating cherry picking by customers and costly routing errors.

Gain control over the quality and cost of your traffic

Telarix provides tools for commercial route optimization, technical route optimization and automated switch provisioning.

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Smart Trading


Smarter trading for a smarter business

Your business is built on partnerships that enable you to explore the potential of global networks, meeting today’s exploding demands while making it easier for your customers to live their connected lives.

So, when it comes to managing your global interconnect business, why the paperwork, delays, waste, and missed opportunities? Explore the operational potential Telarix can bring through automation.

Together, we can fast-track your business with a global information exchange for commerce, developed from years of experience working with the carrier community. Our buying, pricing and selling solutions automate and streamline your trading workload, identify new business opportunities and take advantage of emerging network consumption trends ahead of competitors. Each partner relationship becomes configurable, so you can seamlessly and uniquely communicate and connect with your partners regardless of where they reside across the globe.

Experience the Simplification and Efficiency and Grow your business by:

  • Automating intercarrier service purchases, confirming rates in real time
  • Speeding up the entire buy and sell process
  • Streamlining management and oversight of contracts
  • Improving dial code mapping and target distribution
  • Simplifying hubbing agreements.

Accelerate your business with iXLink

iXLink is the only online community that brings together over 4,000 telecom providers from 200 countries

iXLink Data Sheet

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