Jan. 2012
Capacity Magazine
"Wholesale World 2012: Back Office Needs"
by Guy Matthews
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Jan. 2011
Communications Day
"BBH: How Carriers can Unlock FX Exposure on International Wholesale"
by Petroc Wilton
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Nov. 2009
Capacity Magazine
"Out of the Shadows"
by Tim Phillips
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Feb. 2007
Capacity Magazine
"Brought to Account"
by Caroline Chappell
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Oct. 2006
Washington SmartCEO
"Deloitte's Technology Fast 50"
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May 2006
Billing World and OSS Today Magazine
"OSS/BSS Customers Succeed Around the Globe"
by Ed Finegold
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Feb. 2006
Billing World and OSS Today Magazine
"Deregulation Significantly Complicates International Interconnect"
by Susana Schwartz
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Jan. 2006
XChange Magazine
"Managing a Converged Network Will Require Interconnect Optimization"
by Steve Chase
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Oct. 2005
Phone+ Magazine
"Stop Fraud from Being a Drain on Revenue"
by Tara Seals
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July 2005
VanillaPlus Magazine
"Content Demand Needs Effective Interconnect Partner Management and Settlement"
by Amir Yazdanpanah
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July 29, 2005
Telecommunications Online
"Least Cost Routing for Revenues"
by Bob Wallace

June 2005
Billing World & OSS Today
"Individual Event-Based Processing for Optimizing Interconnect Efficiency"
by Telarix's Mark Wolsky, Vice President of Marketing

June 2005
Fat Pipe Magazine
"Buggy Whips or Steam Engines on Sailing Ships?"
by Gary Kim

June 2005
XChange Magazine
"In Shape: Network Optimization Keeps Carriers Fit"
by Tara Seals

March 2005
Venture Wire Professional
"Telarix to Close $5M to $8M in 2nd Quarter for Sales and Marketing"
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Sept. 2004
Washington Business Journal
"Markets Across the Ponds Teeming with Euros"
by Roger Hughlett
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July 2004
VanillaPlus Magazine
"Telefonica Monitors Wholesale Business"
By George Malim
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June 2004
Telecommunications Magazine
"Managing International Dial Codes"
by Telarix's Chuck Parrish, VP Professional Services
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Apr. 2004
Fat Pipe
"Assuring Least Cost Revenue"
By Gary Kim
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Feb. 2004
Billing World
"International Interconnect: Keeping Up with Dialing Code and Routing Changes" by John Guerra

Feb. 2004
Washington Post -- TechWorking Section

Jan. 2004
TelecomWeb -- Read Telarix's company profile.
Type "support" as user name and password to view the article.

Oct. 2003
Telephony -- Read a short Q&A about Telarix's direction.
"Fast Forward" by Tim McElligott

April 2003
Billing World -- Read our CTO's comments on the interconnect market. "International Interconnect: Verifying Best Rates, Call Types Still Difficult" By John L. Guerra in the April 2003 issue

Jan. 2003
Internetnews.com -- Read what Yankee analyst David Hawley has to say."Telecoms Plot Survival Course With Analysis Apps"
By Colin C. Haley in the Jan. 7, 2003 issue

Jan. 2003
Billing World -- Read about our work with Embratel!
"Due Diligence Critical for Scale and Performance"
By Susana Schwartz in the Jan. 2003 issue

Following the announcement of Telarix's EcoSystem Partnership Program, Telarix was featured today on Cisco's Blog discussing the partnership between Telarix and NxtGn, utilizing Cisco technologies.  The partnership has resulted in AVYDA Powered by Telarix, a turnkey solution which seeks to eliminate some of the key challenges facing network operators in monetizing their networks to deliver video calls.  Follow the link below to read more about it. 


Telarix Inc was recently featured in Telecom Review North America.  The article titled "Optimizing the Interconnection between Carriers: Tier One Quality for Everyone" was published in the November/December 2012 Issue of Telecom Review North America. 

Telarix Inc recently ran a feature article in Pipeline Magazine regarding innovation and automation in the Telecom Industry.  Follow the link below to read more:


Telarix Inc was recently featured on InfoTECH powered by TMCnet.  The article outlines how Telarix's software makes intercarrier interactions more efficient.  Details can be found using the following link:


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