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RCS Business Messaging

The Future of Business Messaging

Everything MNOs Need to Know to Capture the RBM Market

Our free white paper, written in partnership with Mobilesquared, features an in-depth overview of the current RBM market landscape, challenges, and future global forecasts.

RCS aims to enhance text messaging to rival platforms like iMessage and WhatsApp, offering a modernized experience. This white paper contains everything Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) need to know to implement RCS, secure SMS A2P revenues, and capture the growing RBM market. 

In the full white paper, RCS Business Messaging (RBM): The Complete Guide to Scaling the Future Enterprise Business, we delve deep into the following topics:

  • An in-depth overview into how RBM billing currently works and the factors that are driving MNOs towards automation.
  • The limitations of the current RBM billing systems.
  • RBM traffic forecasts and how MNOs can prepare themselves to both meet these volumes and assure profitability.
  • A case study on TOMIA's automated and flexible RBM billing services.