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Oversee the end-to-end management of origin-based rates across trading, routing, and billing.


Market Challenges

One of the primary concerns of carriers is to offset the decline in wholesale margins and overcome business restrictions that prevent the adoption of new services.

Price Lists
The dominant mode of price communication involves origin-based, where different rates are applied depending on the originated zone, country, or carrier. This forces carriers to manage 500,000 rate details per trading partner in varied formats and dial code structures every month. Carriers cannot afford to run the risk of leakages caused by inefficient price list management leading to rating and billing errors.


Origin Zones
Trading origin-based rates demand enhanced analytics to analyze origin sets and dial codes for different destinations and convert them to customer offerings. This becomes highly complex considering that there is no standard for the definition of origin zones, leading to discrepancies. Missing out on origin-based handling potentially is the most significant commercial loss for carriers.



Origin Zones
Multiple siloed and non-integrated services lead to significant operational inefficiencies and high OPEX. Disparate interpretations of prices by different stakeholders are one of the main causes of disputes. Two-thirds of disputes arise from network configuration differences. Also, in a scenario where rates can be much higher depending on the call origin, a wrong routing configuration can put any business case at risk.



Maximize the Efficiency of Your Operations

TOMIA’s Origin-Based Handling eliminates costly errors from inaccurate price list ingestion and accurately calculates costs to avoid billing disputes.

Tangible benefits

Offers automation end-to-end, from price list receipt and distribution to automated routing, effective billing and reporting.

  • Automatically capture dial codes associated with origin sets.
  • Validate origin-based rates and create customer price lists.
  • Automated switch provisioning with origin details.
  • Gain complete visibility of origin-based scenarios to dramatically increase margins.
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