• With iXLink, keep in touch with today’s dynamic telecom marketplace

    With iXLink, keep in touch with today’s dynamic telecom marketplace

    iXLink stays ahead of the latest interconnect trends with an innovative SaaS solution - and the power of a 4,000+ strong user community.

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  • Leading carriers worldwide choose Telarix

    Leading carriers worldwide choose Telarix

    Recognized across the industry for its innovation, Telarix’s breadth of experience and passion for delivering results to its customers is endless.

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  • Transform the business of global communication

    Transform the business of global communication

    Telarix provides end-to-end automation so carriers have the agility to reduce costs, improve efficiencies, and decrease time-to-revenue.

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Who We Are

Telarix is recognized around the globe as the market leader in Interconnect Business Optimization, empowering our customers to take control of their service offerings through greater automation, faster time to market via the cloud, and a secure and collaborative environment in which to conduct business. Our portfolio of innovative solutions for voice, SMS and data include wholesale billing, business intelligence, fraud management, least-cost routing, and partner settlement.

With a community of over 4,000 telecom providers from 200 countries, we are the de-facto standard in digital information exchange, allowing customers increased revenue, extended reach, access to a supportive user community, and higher levels of efficiency—all without increasing human resources.

Solutions for today’s evolving interconnect marketplace

Smart Trading

Improve your international trading with an end-to-end solution for greater visibility and control

Intelligent Routing

Manage your network traffic with greater efficiency, while optimizing route cost and flow

Billing & Settlement

Achieve revenue assurance freedom with greater data integrity, visibility and audit capabilities

Fraud & Analytics

Real-time monitoring for fast blocking action
and greater business transparency

Comprehensive Rating

International rating, routing and billing
for traffic based on origin and destination

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