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Capture the Growing RBM Market


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Rich Communication Services (RCS) is quickly becoming the go-to messaging platform for enterprises to communicate with their customers. RCS Business Messaging (RBM) is a powerful tool for enterprises to communicate with their Android customers due to its enhanced capabilities and higher engagement rates. However, it also presents a challenge to operators who want to ensure business profitability in the enterprise market. 

All RCS messaging is handled centrally through Google and operators have limited control over the traffic. Operators must establish agreements with Google or RBM aggregators to charge for RBM based on the different types of billable events defined by Google:

  • Basic Message - An application-to-person (A2P) message that is up to 160 characters and contains only text.
  • Single Message - An application-to-person (A2P) message that contains multimedia or text with more than 160 characters.
  • A2P Conversation – A session initiated by an agent (application).
  • P2A Conversation – A session initiated by a user.
  • P2A Message – A single message sent from a user towards an agent.


Operators must establish their relationship with Google/aggregators and define their price list for these types of RBM messages or they risk losing out on this growing section of the enterprise market.



Bringing Telarix’s expertise in SMS A2P to the growing RBM market, the operator uses our industry-leading interconnect services to offer RBM to enterprises directly or via aggregators. 

The operator defined its RBM termination prices for all their subscribers with a session-based charging model. Through iXLink, the price list is distributed to enterprises or aggregators with their corresponding and preferred file formats. 

Using iXTools, the operator collects the billing reports with all delivered messages from Google and applies the rating accordingly. The service creates billing invoices and automatically distributes them to their counterparty. The operator relies on iXTools to automate validations through audit processes and business assurance reports, ensuring accurate rating and billing of enterprises or aggregators, and revenue visibility.



With the use of Telarix’s RBM services, the operator is able to capture the evolving enterprise market and provide their subscribers with the richer customer experience of RCS. It’s no longer a question of if the widespread adoption of RCS will succeed. RBM represents the long-term future of the A2P Messaging market, and by using Telarix’s Business Assurance services, the operator has prepared their enterprise business for what’s to come.

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