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RCS, the Evolution of SMS


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The long-term strategy that aligns customer experience with improved margins.

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A2P SMS is still the communication channel most used globally. While OTT platforms are gaining market share, A2P SMS will continue to grow through its ubiquitous nature, high confidence in delivery, and device-agnostic position, as opposed to the need for multiple mobile applications on a user’s device. 

Ultimately, this will lead to a migration to the next evolution of A2P messaging where customers will require the richer engagement enabled by RCS (Rich Communication Services) capabilities. It is projected that operators capturing the A2P messaging market will be best positioned to take advantage of the migration to higher-value deeper engagement RCS messaging when the market is ready. 

However, RCS still poses challenges related to global adoption, the lack of support for streamlined price list management, rating, and billing of messages. Concerning RCS interworking, operators will face similar challenges compared to SMS. They seek to simplify the offering process, from order management through pricing, routing, and billing. 



The RCS (Rich Communication Services) provides prominent benefits compared to SMS by enabling a more engaging messaging experience similar to OTTs, such as supporting a growing trend of conversational commerce. RCS maintains a high level of trust, and in addition, provides features such as the possibility of sending high-resolution photos videos and GIFs, attaching files, sender receipt, allowing the use of action buttons and more.

Telarix addresses these challenges by offering a fully integrated, proven, end-to-end interconnect service. Telarix’s B2B digital communication service iXLink automates and standardizes the exchange of price lists and invoicing to drive work efficiency, save costs and time, and generates new revenue opportunities. Combined with iXTools, Telarix’s rating, routing, and billing platform, the service recommends routing optimization based on cost and quality parameters and execute these changes on network switches. 



RCS represents the longer-term strategy in markets in order to retain the preferred subscriber touchpoint and evolve the enterprise enablement as the customer-focused market demands.

It is important to note that RCS Messaging adoption is expected to happen much faster or earlier in some countries compared to others, depending on their adoption over iOS-based devices and how the interoperability with iOS will unfold. The success of RCS depends on the continuous investments of all parties, especially mobile operators, to roll out RCS services and smartphone manufacturers to enable RCS functionality.

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