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July 25, 20213 min read

Cloud Numbers offers CSPs a way to monetize their number inventory

TOMIA’s recently launched Cloud Numbers solution enables MNOs, Carriers, and CSPs (Communications Service Providers) to serve the mobile application ecosystem and new market demands created by OTTs and enterprises.

The digital transformation is continuously challenging businesses and how they can deliver value to their customers. The adoption of new technologies, new ways of doing business, and new uses cases, is accelerating, especially due to the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the areas of rapid growth is the adoption by CSPs of new forms of communication with their end subscribers. Historically, CSPs have focused on acquiring new subscribers and creating a value proposition focused on network quality, coverage or speed.

While these focus areas remain, at TOMIA we are seeing new areas of growth and interest in creating value added services and a renewed focus on new, enterprise-centric use cases. One of these main areas of growth has been the implementation of API (application programming interface) business strategies that fundamentally allow CSPs to facilitate the monetization of their networks with third-party applications by offering communications as a service.

In response to the demands of our mobile operators and carrier customers, TOMIA recently launched our Cloud Numbers solution. Cloud Numbers enables CSPs to serve the application ecosystem and new market demands created by OTTs (over the top) and enterprises. Historically, this market was serviced by various Communications Platforms as a Service (CPaaS) or aggregator companies. However, with the growing importance of these business models and enterprises’ need for greater transparency, trust and cost controls, CSPs are seeking to monetize their networks directly… and without solely relying on aggregators in the middle of the value chain.

The TOMIA Cloud Numbers solution is built upon our market-leading iXTools platform and at its core enables CSPs to serve as a bridge among their networks and the complex world of mobile applications. From the perspective of mobile app creators, the TOMIA Cloud Numbers solution enables mobile applications to connect directly to the voice and messaging telecommunications ecosystem and to the actual networks on which end-subscribers reside. The “classic” use case for this scenario is the “click to call” application that enables a user to connect with another user without having the contact information of the destination party. For example: connecting a user of Uber with the driver during pick-up. Or a large bank directing a user to a call center. Previously, mobile operators were limited in their ability to execute this use case due to software and business limitations. With Cloud Numbers, they can enable this connection directly.

Equally critical, the TOMIA Cloud Numbers solution enables operators to monetize their inherent number inventory and offer a scalable virtual number service, which includes local numbers, mobile numbers, toll-free and non-geographic numbers worldwide. The solution provides critical software elements including APIs, network inventory management, order management, trading, number translation, call routing and provisioning, analytics and billing.

Traditionally, MNOs have sold national and international toll-free services to enterprises and small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) aimed at providing voice connection at no cost and hosted numbers to third-party aggregators to enable mobile applications. Thanks to the Cloud Numbers solution, operators can also sell their own numbers and also resell large batches of acquired numbers to third-party operators and application companies along with providing pricelist management, network routing, rating and billing. A wide set of solutions applicable for mobile applications can also be incorporated into the portfolio, such as call center service, secured communication (e.g. no robocalling) as several functions and processes are already automated.

These solutions help operators to execute new value propositions for enterprises and other carriers. CSPs can enable developers to navigate the telecommunications ecosystem to build voice or Application to person (A2P) messaging functionalities, as well as build for future technologies such as 5G where horizontal integration will be key. The entire solution will improve the user experience as it simplifies the communication with end customers and businesses.

In summary, by leveraging solutions like TOMIA’s Cloud Numbers offering, CSPs can generate incremental revenue streams on top of the traditional voice and messaging platform and network. Our experience has been that CSPs always want to move up the value chain and compete in the growing application and enterprise market. In addition, operators retain control of services delivery by removing the middleman, such as third-party aggregators, and become a core strength of the B2C mobile communication.

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