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Increasing Carrier’s Enterprise Business with Cloud Numbers


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Participating in the app-enabled market autonomously.

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The digital transformation is continuously changing businesses and how value is being delivered to the customer.

The fundamental challenge for operators is that they’re a supplier of devices, networks and have many subscribers. However, it’s been difficult for them to move into the app-enablement market. The classic use case is the ‘click to call’ app that enables a user to connect with another user without having the contact information of the destination party, for example; directing a user of a bank to a call center.

Our customer had been the supplier for other participants in the market for these services, such as aggregator companies, however, they wanted to move up the value chain and compete in the growing application and enterprise market.



Telarix’s Cloud Numbers solution enabled our customer to monetize its inherent number inventory (local, mobile, geographical, toll-free, universal toll-free), allowing it to compete in the mobile application and OTT ecosystem.

The Cloud Numbers solution provides number management, complete visibility of what is in stock and which numbers are assigned to specific enterprise customers. This solution automates the ordering process, and offers routing provisioning upon order receipt, rather than waiting for weeks in traditional provisioning processes. It provides automation, speedy ordering process and the ability to create innovative offerings.

Telarix provides the full end-to-end Cloud Numbers solution on top of our market leading iXTools platform. The customer did not need to invest in new infrastructure. Instead, it needed to leverage its existing assets, which ensured that training and readiness was very quick. In addition, the cloud-native iXLink platform supports the collaboration with enterprises customer enabling negotiation and selling of pricelists and virtual cloud numbers effectively.



Telarix’s Cloud Numbers solution enabled our customer to participate in this market without relying on aggregators for the go-to-market. The customer also met the needs of enterprises seeking greater transparency and cost control, and quickly generated incremental revenue streams on top of traditional voice and messaging services.

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